Curacao’s people are now slaves again, owned by the Netherlands

Dear Mark,

In Curacao—a Caribbean island, part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands—an emergency law just became effective that basically takes Curacao’s people back to slavery days.

The law forbids people to protest, computers/phones can be seized without a warrant, people are forbidden to express criticism (!) in any way, shape or form (even thoughts and feelings). Property can be confiscated, house searches are allowed without any ID necessary, phone-taps are allowed without any warrant. And so on and so on. 
People who disagree will be deported to some unknown place.

You can download the law here (it’s in Dutch I’m afraid, but you can copy/paste it and translate it with Google or I can help you translate if you like):

I also attached a copy of this law to this email.

A short article about the law can be found here  (also in Dutch):

As a Dutch citizen I’m at a loss for words about this and I sure hope you can share this with your readers.

All the best, Gerard Boersma

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