Austrian cops and military joining the resistance to Big Pharma’s Anschluss

From Juan F. Garcia:

If you’ve been appalled by the so-called public health measures announced in Austria, here is some good news.

I didn’t make much of an effort to find an English version, but here’s a quick partial translation of high points from the following:


16 novembre 2021 – 15:33 by Emilien Lacombe

A scant few days after Austrian chancellor Alexander Schallenberg ordered the confinement (house arrest / lockdown) of the unvaccinated, certain politicians and union leaders are calling for a huge uprising against this liberty-killing measure, which is a worldwide first.

…Soon after [the call for protests], the president of the Austrian Armed Forces Union, Manfred Haidinger, fell in [with another official making such a call] by joining the action in a letter published 14 Nov. He expresses resolve “to defend fundamental rights and liberties.” The Armed Forces Union points out that “everyone” is entitled to demonstrate, even in the case of confinement!

The monitoring obligation [‘papers, please’] imposed by the Interior minister, Karl Nehammer, has already been rejected by the police union [!]. Furthermore, the Austrian Armed Forces Union have announced that they will participate in the mass gathering in Vienna [!!].


It is a smart slap to the face of the government, which, according to Austrian media sources, is showing more and more signs of panic. In an interview, the president of the Social-Democratic Union and of the Police Union, Hermann Greylinger, has left no doubt whatsoever about the fact that the police feel themselves incapable of carrying out this monitoring, according to the weekly Wochenblick. Haidinger [mentioned above] adds in his letter: “We herewith demand that the right to assembly be expressly protected and that it equally be taken into account in the current version of the draft ruling. Freedom of participation [assembly] and movement are legally protected throughout Austria.”


— Juan

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