Australia’s leaders are insane, and have to go


Can you hear the alarm? The New Abnormal is kind of disgusting.

Tessa Lena

Nov. 22, 2021

This video from Australia is extremely bothersome. I usually try to focus on the positive (which is why I consciously choose to not write often, or at all, about things like healthy athletes dropping dead in unusual numbers in short temporal proximity to receiving the product, or about previously healthy children developing acute heart conditions or starting to fall apart while no one knows how to help them, and so on.) I don’t write about those things because I find the scenario of misleading and hurting the innocent so appalling that I feel too emotional to write about it in an even-headed manner—and since we need to trasncend the fear and collectively get out of this state of abusing and silencing human beings, I focus on what we can do to stay strong and remember our truth.

However, this video from Australia is just like a hint at a classic artsy horror movie in which, to the sound of beautiful music, people are getting hurt. (What I am referring to as the following: In my teen years, I was tempted by my film connoisseur friends to watch the famous art film, “The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover.” The visuals of torture, set to an exquisite soundtrack, were so disturbing to my senses that at some point I shut the TV and never finished watching it. Needless to say, I don’t like Peter Greenaway, and I don’t care how famous of a film director he is.)

But what’s happening in Australia is happening to live human beings like you and I, in real life. It is not a work of art, and no longer a drill. (Remember how early in the pandemic, the WHO suggested going to people’s homes and removing them? And how it was mentioned in the passing and then kind of hushed away as a weird conspiracy theory?)

All this is existentially wrong. I cannot tolerate abuse. I object. We need to stop pretending that this is fine. It is NOT fine.

People sent to “isolation camps,” using the Army, based the fact that somehow has determined that they had been in contact with “COVID cases”? The absolute absurdity of this situation belongs in the theater, not in real life. It is known that the tests are 100% meaningless, with a false positive rate of over 90% and actually other flaws as well. Naming a case based on a positive test is a crime against science, logic—and most importantly, innocent people. So this scenario is like being sent to a camp, while being a regular healthy person, because the authorities said so. And isolation camps, based on reports, are very much prison-like.

So, in theory, or in practice, you could be compliant, take the product, live a standard life, have a successful career, and then one day the authorities can still take you away from your home by force and send you to a camp by declaring that you are dangerous to society? Do you understand what it means? How is this different from what they end up writing about in history books as periods of totalitarian darkness?


We need clarity.

We need total clarity…

I want to say, “I stand with Australia,” but what does it mean? Can we please all agree that this is not normal? Can we please agree that there is no longer “theory” in the “conspiracy theory,” and that if the governments always “err” on the side of taking the freedoms away and protecting their corporate owners—at the expense of basic human dignity—then maybe this is just a very ordinary conspiracy, and law and order are being dismantled?

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