We the People, winning in Trieste

Noi, il Popolo!

protest in trieste: we the people are winning

but the revolution will NOT be televised
el gato malo Oct 19

this message comes directly from trieste, sent by the friend of a friend:

dated 10.19.21

“Hello my friend

Do you see what’s going on in Trieste?

I wonder if US news broadcasting situation in Italy.

People stand day and night, police began to use various forces to disperse the crowd, didn’t work, People still stood strong and when nothing worked out they started using gas.

After this all residents left for the main town square for massive protesting. 

 Head of police riot was hysterical, he refused to use force against his people.

Finally minister of agriculture and health minister has agreed to meet protesters and discuss green pass obligation.  No news no papers completely  covers the real situation. 

 Only videos from YouTube taken by protesters and witnesses reflect the true.

People from different parts of Italy heading towards Trieste, police are blocking the roads. I guess by Saturday (when the meeting is appointed) there will be millions of people.

After all what happened last night people still don’t disperse.

I have more faith now that we will win!

Had to share this news with you.

All the best!


you will not see this in the US media. it seems to be under almost complete coverage blackout which is astonishing for an event of this magnitude.

protest in trieste italy has been nonstop all week.

the crowds have become truly massive and they are NOT going home. brave italians are standing up to bio-tyranny and the requirement of a “green pass” to work and shop and live one’s life.

they have refused to cede their liberty to some governmental accreditation scheme because it is a right, not a privilege.

they filled the squares and the thoroughfares in the 10’s and and hundreds of thousands.

perhaps more:

it has been enormous. and the police are deployed in huge force to put it down.

they are using water cannons and teargas.

but it is not having the effect they desired.

instead, the people are growing ever more stalwart and more pour in by the day.

these are people of courage standing tall for that which is right.

and they are winning because they are peaceful and implacable.

they are not going home. they are not fretting about inconvenience. they are reclaiming the liberty that is theirs by right and making clear who wears the pantalonis around here.

you get to keep the rights you will fight for. welcome to the fight.

and whoo doggie does the italian government not want this one on pay per view.

apparently, the official webcams of trieste are showing an empty square. it’s gaslighting and propaganda.

they are trying to pretend this is not happening.

amusingly, people are sharing videos of the protesters in the square watching videos of the empty square.

god, i love the internet.

this is truly surreal in every sense of the word.

but it’s also failing. it’s failing because word is getting out sent by 1000’s of people on millions of channels. the evidence is everywhere except in the mass media coddled and colluding with the state.

this is why we the people must make the media and the internet our own, a public square controlled by no one, least of all the government. we do not need truth ministries to establish the facts. their purpose is always to hide, never to reveal.

how much more evidence do you need that they cannot be trusted to tell you the real story?

this is the literal screaming night terror of the oppressive state: a people in the streets that will not stand down, will not go home, and will not obey.

because that’s where the power actually lies. it is the ultimate citizen’s veto against tyranny.

and it works on every scale.

look how well the “definitely not a strike that was for sure not about vaccine mandates” worked at southwest to eliminate the impending vaccine driven layoffs.

they stood together. they won. and it was no contest, was it?

remember your freedom and you can have it back. not new normal. not their normal.

YOUR normal.

this is how it works.

this is what that looks like.

freedom is back in fashion.

maybe go try some on.

you may find it suits you more than you ever realized.

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