“Vaccine” mandates causing EMS short-staffing nationwide

Yet another way in which those “mandates” kill—and by design; for this exquisite Holocaust can be no accident.
Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates Leading to Emergency Service Staff Shortage, Endangering Americans


The collapse caused by the elites and others exploiting the Covid-19 pandemic for their own gains is not only affecting the supply chain in America but is beginning to have an impact on the 9-1-1 systems in various communities.
A new report from an emergency medical service (EMS) organisation warns that there is a nationwide shortage of staff that is likely going to imperil Americans if trends continue.
In an interview with Fox News on October 10th, American Ambulance Association President, Shawn Baird, said: “This has been a problem that has been developing over several years because of chronic underfunding shortfalls from Congress for ambulance services, but certainly during the pandemic, things have hit a crisis level.”
Baird added that in recent months, “we’ve seen a tremendous amount of workforce attrition and schools had shut down paramedic training institutions and stopped graduating new students for the last year, so we’re suddenly in a severe shortfall.”
In the past few weeks, his group sent a letter to leaders in the House and Senate warning that the country’s EMS system is “facing a crippling workforce shortage,” adding that it’s a “long-term problem that has been building for more than a decade.” The letter also warned that the labour shortage is going to undermine the 9-1-1 emergency response system and therefore deserves attention from Congress.

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