Those inorganic little monsters now injected into people’s bodies mean MORE profits for (who else?) Bill Gates

It’s (literally) a hell of a good living, being the Antichrist.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for all your reporting.  I appreciate reading the list.  I had to respond regarding the “life form”, after watching one of the videos.  You provided a link to a video from RamolaD.  In that video, she mentioned the words “synthetic biology”.  I wasn’t familiar with that and did a DuckDuckGo search and found lots of information about this.  Synthetic biology is the blend of engineering and biology – essentially re-engineering organic life forms by “cutting and pasting” pieces of DNA from one organism into another among other things.  The bottom line is, it is likely that the parasite-looking life forms found in the “vaccines” are very likely organisms that have been modified to do God-knows-what inside the human body.  Oh and guess who is heavily invested in this?  See below.

Here are some relevant links for those that want to know more:

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Synthetic Biology (
Why Bill Gates Is Betting Millions on Synthetic Biology | ETF Trends

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