“Things seem to be shifting”: Are people—even many “vaccinated”—waking up?

Via Dick Atlee:

My job affords me the privilege of meeting with people from all walks of local life on a regular basis. I treat hard line republicans, democrats, vaccinated, unvaccinated, rich, poor and all kinds of folks in between. Most of what I do involves listening to stories and then helping people reconnect to the parts of themselves (most often their own divinity) that they have been separated from. I believe it is the reconnection to the innate that really helps people heal- more so than the chiropractic adjustment or the other hands-on work that I do.  Lately, I have had a lot of fully vaccinated people (hardliners) get up off the table after reconnecting to their own divinity and talk about how they are seeing the vaccines and the entire COVID narrative in a different light. I don’t guide them to this particular topic, they have been going there on their own. I’ve had multiple people this week comment about how they feel like they’ve been led astray, like their emotions have been played with. They are seeing their fully vaccinated friends and neighbors who wear masks 100% of the time coming down with COVID and it is contradicting what they’re being told by the authorities about how these vaccines and PPE are supposed to work.

My response is always the same: I just smile, nod my head and encourage them to continue looking inward. Once they get to that point, real science and data become important again. They can look at something that Meryl might write, or Mercola for instance, and read it with a new set of eyes. It’s a process, coming back to one’s self. And I just see it happening at a higher rate in our community right now than I have in many months. That is what I meant when I said that things seem to be shifting.

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