Scientists, and the technocrats who own them, are playing God with these “vaccines” (and God knows what else)

This can’t end well; but the sooner it does end, the better.

From Nelson Betancourt:


I suggest reading the entry on ‘nanotechnology’ in the book Lean Logic by David Fleming. This is a short quote from the entry: “Nanotechnology works on the scale of nanometres (one billionth of a metre). At this scale, matter behaves in peculiar ways: chemical and magnetic properties are different; colors change (gold colors can be orange, purple, red or green). Here, science is dealing with individual atoms and molecules; it can put them together to produce not only materials but molecular-scale artefacts which have not existed nor even been imagined before. Nanotechnology gives the scientist a measure of power which could transform life more profoundly than the Industrial Revolution itself, and could do so irreversibly. This technology is powerful and dangerous. And it is not receiving the public attention it deserves.)

Lean Logic was published in 2016.

Another entry from the same book:

“GRIN: The convergent technology, now being developed, comprising Genetic modification, Robotics, Information technology and Nanotechnology.” 

Isn’t this what we are looking at with these injections?

Nelson Betancourt

On Wednesday, October 13, 2021, 08:58:55 PM EDT, Mark Crispin Miller (via nfu list) <> wrote:

(That would be John Carpenter’s remake.)

“Alien” also comes to mind.

THE THING ! Another ‘LIFE FORM’ Found In The COVID VAX VIALS (Dr. Franc Zalewksi)

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