Lockdowns proven NOT to halt/slow COVID, masking children is demonstrably insane, and other MUST-READ threads on otherwise worse-than-useless Twitter

A Thread of Super Threads!
Not everyone is on Twitter and nobody can ever find that ONE awesome Twitter thread to share. We give you – a super thread of super threads.

Justin Hart
Oct 29

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Our good friend, The Robber Baron (@Robber_Baron_) – a distant relative of the censored @OBusyBody – has put together a masterful thread of COVID threads. Twitter threads can be a very compelling way to tell a narrative in bite size chunks. These can stand for ages but it’s sometimes difficult to re-discover them.

But, if you’re not on Twitter or you want to share them with your mom that can be difficult. SO… we’ve compiled them into readable PDFs which you can share with anyone

Here’s the master thread for your enjoyment. The PDFs are listed below each header.

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1/10 Many have worked hard to compile lists of articles on Covid topics. Here is a thread of those lists covering: 🔒 Lockdown Effectiveness 😢 Lockdown Harms 🧒 Masking kids 🦠 Spread from kids 😷 Masking Effectiveness 💪 Natural Immunity 💉 Vaccine Efficacy 🤒 Long-Covid
October 29th 2021
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30+ studies compiled by @the_brumby on lockdown effectiveness (or rather – ineffectiveness.
Twitter avatar for @the_brumbyBrumby@the_brumby…“there is no evidence that more restrictive nonpharmaceutical interventions (“lockdowns”) contributed substantially to bending the curve of new cases in England, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, or the United States in early 2020”
January 13th 2021

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Also see our Rational Ground article on a similar list of impacts!

Masking Kids is Bad
A thread here at COVID Reason (link below) but click on this image and send it along!
Rational Ground by Justin Hart

Masking Children is an Ineffective Policy and Not Supported by Research or Data
h/t @Robber_Baron_ (original Twitter thread) cross-posted at 18 months into the pandemic and it is still clear that masking children is an ineffective policy not supported by research or data. I’ve provided 2 sources for each claim below. I’ve also addressed the Delta variant and the more recent studies which have come to light…

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Children are NOT primary drivers of the disease
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1/16 I never thought I’d have to reiterate that children are not the primary drivers of covid-19 But I guess the desire to vaccinate kids makes folks like @apoorva_nyc & the @nytimes just give up on honest reporting It’s complete BS So here are 30 articles for your review 🧵
September 22nd 2021
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Masking Thread by @HeckofALiberal
Twitter avatar for @HeckofaLiberalPajamas It Is@HeckofaLiberal
THREAD: I’ve been hesitant to touch masks because of the hot button nature of them but this is getting out of control. New models showing thousands of lives will be saved by February is we all just mask up. It’s absurd on it’s face. 1/Study: Universal mask use could save 130,000 lives by February – STAT“Expanding mask use is one of the easy wins for the United States,” said the lead author of the new
October 23rd 2020
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Masking Thread by @IfIHadAStick
Twitter avatar for @ifihadastickJosh Stevenson@ifihadastick
Here are all of the studies that show masks lack statistical effectiveness that @VoteGloriaJ claimed today have been “debunked.” I will post all of these studies, and I look forward to @VoteGloriaJ’s response to @JasonZacharyTN linking to the peer reviews that debunk them: 1/
October 19th 2021
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Vaccines vs. Natural Immunity by @SethStuck
Twitter avatar for @SethStuckSeth Stuck@SethStuck
5 Reasons People w/ proven Natural Immunity Should be exempt from Vaccine Mandates 🧵 1) NI provides protection from (re)infection = or > to vax 2) NI is long-lasting 3) NI holds up well to variants 4) Risk of adverse events from vax is > for those w/ NI 5) Lots of precedent
September 30th 2021
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Also see this excellent article
 at the Brownstone Institute

Long COVID just like Long Pneumonia? @HeckofALiberal take it on
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THREAD: For those still claiming the “longterm effects” are unique to #covid19 haven’t been paying attention to other viral illnesses. Let’s take a look: 1/Influenza virus-induced lung injury: pathogenesis and implications for treatmentWe discuss novel aspects of virus- and immune-mediated lung injury and repair after influenza infection <> The influenza viruses are some of the most important human pathogens, causing substantial seasonal and pandemic morbidity and mortality. In humans, infection of the lower res…
July 27th 2020
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