“I am so angry my whole body is shaking”: Swedish mother tells of 22-year-old son in ICU, post-jab, with blood clots throughout his body

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Swedish Mother Cries, Telling Story Of 22 year Old Son In ICU With Blood Clots After Pfizer Shots: High Risk Of Heart Attack

Doctor Says Vaccines Caused Clots, Without Any Doubt Whatsoever

Celia Farber
Oct 12

Her 22 year old son got both Pfizer shots, his arm swelled up terribly and got red. He went to the ER, where he was treated with suspicion and hostility. The staff said, absurdly, maybe his arm was swollen due to exercising too much. They did however, upon examination, soon find the first blood clot, in his arm. He waited all through the night; They began to find blood clots in various parts of his body. They tried to send him home with morphine, and instructions to self-inject blood thinner, but his mother demanded they keep him overnight. She told the head nurse to stop rattling off what their rules and orders were and instead act from her heart. So the hospital kept the young man overnight, and did more x-rays and tests. They found more clots. One was in his neck, which they said they had to operate to remove, still more in his lungs, putting him at extreme risk of a heart attack. They told him to lay motionless on a stretcher—told him moving at all was dangerous.

2:14 “They didn’t really believe him when he came in, that he was sick. Then they checked him, and a doctor came and said he had a blood clot in his arm. He sat in the waiting room again. He sat there from 9 in the evening until 5 in the morning. Then they looked closer at his arm. He was x-rayed. A doctor who looked at his arm said he had never seen such a young person with such a massive clot. The doctor said “Absolutely” and “without any doubt” this had happened because he had been vaccinated. Then he had an ultrasound. They found yet another blood clot, up here in his neck. When they had found it, they told him they would have to surgically remove it.”

6:03: ”I am so damned angry. I am so very, very angry. I’m more angry than sad. But my fury comes out in the form of sadness. I’m not afraid but I feel I have carried his fear during this last 24 hour period…We FaceTimed and he said…” (tears fill her eyes and she has to pause.)

“He has been laying in the bed with angst that he might die overnight. And it’s because of this damned vaccine.”

The boy remains hospitalized. The mother says she is against vaccines “100%” and had begged her young, healthy, athletic son to trust his body— that he didn’t need any vaccines. But he fell to pressure from friends and colleagues who said he owed it to others to “protect” them, for example the elderly who are afraid of getting sick.

”How the hell can they come out and tell young, healthy people to get these shots?” she asks.

”I asked my son, before, ‘Aren’t you afraid of getting sick?’ He said, “No Mom, I’m not afraid. They are telling us to do it.”

8:51 “I’m not going to be quiet anymore…I’m going to spread this everywhere. I am so angry my whole body is shaking.”

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