How much “white supremacist violence” is actually CREATED by the media?

From Colleen,
Visualize World Peace and Bodily Autonomy:

There’s such a thing as terrorism, but then there’s all the “terrorism” fabricated by the FBI; and, while there certainly is such a thing as white racist violence (and, for that matter, black racist violence), there’s also much “white racist violence” that’s fabricated by the media (and some no doubt co-authored by the FBI).

For example: Check out NPR’s coverage of the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial (just do a search), then read this piece by an expert on use of force as a defense.

The Ahmaud Arbery trial has begun with the McMichaels father and son, Greg & Travis, on trial, along with their neighbor who shot the cellphone video, William Bryan. 

The defense strategy rests on 2 grounds

(1) the citizen arrests law, that is, that the defendants had “reasonable and probable grounds” to believe that Arbery was fleeing from the commission of a felony, not committed that day, but that he was the man they had seen on four previous video occasions and once in person at houses in the neighborhood where one of the residents had $2500 worth of video equipment missing.  The State of Georgia has since repealed the citizens arrest law.   

(2) self-defense – that Arbery charged Travis and tried to take away his gun and Travis shot him in self-defense.  Review the full video here

The judge has prohibited the defense from presenting evidence at trial

  •         that Arbery was convicted for store theft 2 years earlier
  •        that Arbery was a convicted felon, sentenced to 5 years for unlawful gun possession at a school

In motions before him the judge is currently considering whether to prohibit the defense from presenting evidence at trial

  • that Arbery was on felony probation the day he was killed
  • that Arbery was high on THC that day according to blood tests in his body
  • that Arbery was off his meds that day according to blood tests in his body.  He took Zyprexa to control a schizoaffective disorder. Arbery had once described to his mental health evaluator that he had auditory delusions that compelled him to rob, steal, and hurt people, made him combative and angry.  In 2018, Arbery’s mother called 911 to report her son was not giving her the car keys; she told the dispatcher that Arbery’s mental condition had worsened over time and told the police officers that Arbery might get violent due to his mental illness if they tried to arrest him.
  • that for weeks prior to his death Arbery had repeatedly cased out properties in the neighborhood from where the McMichaels saw him 

The trial started on Monday.  At this point the attorneys are in voir dire, the questioning stage of picking a jury. 

Visualize World Peace and Bodily Autonomy

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