CAVEAT on the Stones and “vaccination”

Alan writes:

Hi ☺️ You need to DOUBLE check ✔️🤑 this. 
Remember it’s the promoters or the people that sell the tickets not the van that does these damn things so tickets are brought from say ticketron so ticketron probably just put that in with the tickets when they sell them to the people.

Believe me the stones do not sell tickets it’s either the promoter or the ticket sales office that sells it in care of them. 
So I don’t think you can blame the band you have to look into the ticket sales organization and see what they’re about and since their own usually by big companies that’s probably what happened. 

I have a friend that’s a promoter for singers and bands and he has to go through it take it sales organization for the tickets to be sold in big arenas. And he doesn’t get paid until after the band has done the concert so he has to wait for his money but usually he gets paid within 48 to 72 hours after the concert has gone through. 

Please look into this a little bit more before you put out a statement like that because this is definitely not fair to the bands. 

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