Yet another story of what’s really happening, everywhere (yet “our free press” will not report it)

Sad (but, sadly, not surprising) news from a subscriber:


My 79-year-old father got both Moderna shots. He just had a severe stroke. He can’t use his right arm, can’t walk and has difficulty speaking.  He cannot remember his name.  Before this, although he did have some (non-stroke related) health issues, he was mentally sharp. He did his own taxes. He swam in his in-the-ground pool every day, worked in his greenhouse and drove a long distance 3-4 times a week. 

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If we had a free press in the United States, or anywhere throughout the West, these stories would be properly reported.

Compare these vivid and detailed firsthand accounts with any twenty or one hundred of the countless formulaic sob stories of presumptive “COVID deaths” pumped out by the media since January, 2020. Unless you’ve been pulled under, and your forebrain drowned, by the riptide of that propaganda, you’ll see that the “COVID-19 pandemic,” which, strictly speaking, never happened (look up “pandemic” as it used to be defined, Before Covid), is happening now, because of those COVID-19 “vaccines.” 

And yet those who lived in panic all last year, and are still there (if you can call it living), wailing and gnashing their teeth over the (largely imaginary) 500,000+ Americans “killed by COVID,” could not care less about the many thousands killed, demonstrably, by those “vaccines,” and even go ballistic if you even mention that calamity. 

That panic over COVID, and blindness to the toll of those “vaccines,” have both been very skillfully induced—a propaganda masterpiece; and an unprecedented crime against humanity (and, therefore, a capital offense).

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