“Why doesn’t the ‘vaccine” hurt or kill everyone?” and other items of interest

From Ellen Brown:  Why doesn’t the vax hurt or kill everyone? Per, all experimental vax are given in 4 different doses including placebo.
Frontline Doctors, good short clip.

Covid satire, Australian tourism ad –

Boston Herald (
Massachusetts coronavirus breakthrough cases jump 4,415 last week, more than 600 fully vaccinated people a day
More than 4,000 fully vaccinated people in Massachusetts tested positive for the coronavirus last week, a daily average of more than…   
Dark Journalist, “The Battle for America!” Illuminating breakdown of what’s going on, particularly the first hour.
Social credit scores coming to Canada.
Countdown to the Kingdom (
Following the Science? – Countdown to the Kingdom’A powerful exposé on the so-called “science” that turned the world upside down.’

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