WATCH OUT! Swiss intelligence WARNS of (false flag) ATTACK on “vaccination” site(s)

Please brace yourself, and get everyone you know prepared, for a violent attack, or wave of such attacks, on “vaccination” sites by “anti-vaxxers,” maybe in cahoots with seasoned “Taliban” and/or “al Qaeda” militants (what’s the difference?) who took advantage of the sudden diaspora from Afghanistan to sneak over here and blow a lot of good Americans—people eager for their next injection, and the saintly Frontline Workers jabbing them—to smithereens.     

As James Corbett notes here, with exemplary lucidity as well as urgency (he knows it is essential that we keep our heads amid what’s coming next), the signs of yet another huge life-changing terroristic “incident” are unmistakable.

So pay attention, spread the word, and, whatever happens (or appears to happen), don’t believe whatever narrative the government and “our free press” (what’s the difference?) bellow at us to “explain” what happened (or appeared to happen), and—crucially—to justify the Mother of All Crackdowns, especially on dissidents (like James Corbett, me, and everybody on this list).

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