US foreign policy has been all about GLOBAL DEPOPULATION since the Seventies (1980 report)

“Is the US overpopulated?”

“What’s your thinking on it?”
“I think if we had 100 million people, it would be really fabulous.” 

—From a 1980 interview with William Paddock, advisor to the State Department, and “an outspoken proponent of global population reduction.” 

The US population at the time was 226 million. It’s now over 330 million. How much of this “pandemic” crisis had it origins
in the US foreign policy over 40 years ago?

(It is worth noting that JFK, and RFK, did not share that fixation with population reduction, but believed in economic development to make lives better, and last longer, worldwide. Did that have anything to do with the decisions to assassinate them?)


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