Two Pfizer jabs, two strokes

From a subscriber:

My 78 year old mother walked two miles a day and did yoga. I could barely keep up with her. I sent her so much data and info to educate her and detour her from taking the Pfizer shots, but she buckled under pressure from Kaiser where she went for health care in California.

First dose of the Pfizer shot, she fell and hit her head and was rushed to ER. Her blood pressure was 205/195. 

They gave her meds and sent her home.

Two weeks later she got the second dose, and it happened again. This time she was rushed j to surgery for a heart ablation.

Then she was moved to a second hospital for a repeat ablation.

She had two strokes. One after each injection.

She now can’t walk more than a few hundred feet, and that’s after a year of physical therapy.

She’s alive and doing better, but this took a huge toll on her overall health and she will never be the same again.

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