Nicki Minaj, freedom fighter (for now)

Timcast goes over what’s happened so far, giving NM
due props for her outspokenness and honesty:

And here is Lionel’s grimmer take on what he’s sure is
going to happen next:

“If I’m fake I ain’t notice, cause my money ain’t.” — Nicki Minaj
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Greetings Honored Patriot:

This is how it all started.

This is how the revolution was commenced. The shot heard round the world.  The imagery. The horror. Elephantine testicles and an inflamed scrotum. Evanescent potency. The pleas of a flaccid Trinidadian, the latest alleged vax victim. These brave words from the new vax liberty pioneer. America’s sweetheart. Nicki Minaj (NM hereinafter). Hail her mighty countenance! Her mean mien.
I know what you’re thinking and saying. NM is beneath you. She’s some rap trollop whose monosyllabic and barely decipherable “music” is an assault upon your high-grade highbrow senses. She’s a slattern and a disgrace to music and humanity as a whole. Her music and words are profane at best, detestable coprolalia and concupiscent drivel. Her sick husband is a predator felon and her brother’s doing 25 to life for repeatedly raping an 11 year-old, so the last thing you want to hear is anything from this waste of flesh.
True. But that doesn’t discount the message and how she’s being played. As are you.
Good. You’ve stated your distaste for this chanteuse of smut. Fine. Feel better now? Care for any more self-righteous virtue signaling, my boulevardier? I think not. Look, Letitia Baldridge, lighten up and pay attention. As the late (and most probably offed) Andrew Breitbart brilliantly noted, politics is downstream from culture. And this culture is more like agar, breeding ground of bacteria and microorganism blecch. But it’s worth paying attention to whether you like it or not.
NM will now find herself critical in the administration’s push to secure more forced and mandatory vaccinations among a skeptical African-American demographic. Because she’s about to be retooled and reeducated. She will now after her reconsideration and public apologias become the spokesperson, the Madame Curie of vaccination promotion. The contrarian will embrace contrition. Why? Her career’s in the shitter and she’s prime for the deal. That simple. Not to mention, don’t rule out a considerable bone being thrown to help hubby or secure an early release for bro. She’ll expiate her silly break from reality. Watch.  
But there’s more. The African-American contingent is extremely critical for a multiplicity of reasons. Biden’s jab squads aren’t the least interested in incurring the serious cultural wrath of a critical demo. A demo, by the by, that will soon learn they’ve been supplanted by southern border undocumented Democrats and thousands of Afghan “interpreters,” all sworn to vote Demoncrat in perpetuity. A deal’s a deal.

And did you hear? The National Basketball Association reportedly will not require players in the league to be part of its vaccine mandates. Why? Because the well-established reluctance of African-Americans to get the jab, now reinforced by the Jeanne d’Arc of the vax-choicers, Ms. M, will prove most embarrassing if scores of them stand their ground en masse. And remember who owns the NBA. (Hint: Their initials are China.) So let’s exempt a sizeable faction whose boycott would send shockwaves through the community. But rest assured, they’ll come around if Beijing has a say. And it does.
To be sure, NM will be neutralized immediately by White House operatives. She will be invited, then uninvited perhaps, to meet with the coot and you will see a 180 that will make your proverbial head spin Linda Blair style. This is a work. Watch very carefully. Also, dig deeper on Ms. Minaj. Notice anything?
And I know what you’re thinking. Any word yet on NM’s Trinidadian cousin’s friend’s swollen testicles, carnival scrotum and raging impotence (a classic oxymoron) and can we secure his airlift to medical facilities here by claiming he’s a Da’esh interpreter? We shall indeed see. 
It is written. The eighth trumpet signaling the Apocalypse is for real time analysis to be spent and focused on the likes of NM and her individual views on biomedical tyranny and immunological martial law. I know. Tucker Carlson and Lara Logan dissecting the deep message of NM as proud and brave resistance to biomedical tyranny and martial law is just another example of how our attempted pursuit of platforms as intellectually enriching has been for naught.
It’s another example of the cultural feeding tube being jammed down your throat yet again and despite your constant gagging and coughing you’re now even force-fed the idea of Dr. Fauci as sexy savior is still front and center. Why? Pure intellectual corruption and idea sadism.
Will other rap starts weigh in? I sure hope so. I’m still waiting with anticipation for Lil Wayne’s particular views on anti-SARS-CoV-2 spike protein (S) IgG antibodies with mean titres decreasing from 8.0 to 7.9 (mean difference 0.16 ± 0.06, P = 0.042) and 7.9 to 7.8 (mean difference 0.02 ± 0.08, P = 0.997). Just saying.

And one last note. If two other coarse and detestable yet correct rappers join NM it may be categorized as a Minaj à trois. A reference no one in the rap rostra will get in the slightest.
I hope you’re paying close attention. CDC/Big Pharma. The COVID NOSTRA. Absolute 100% gangster. Organized crime entanglement the likes of which you cannot imagine.

Till it be morrow.

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