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The Alt-Indie Media and the Cognitive Dissidents of Covid

Praise by Faint Damnation

Greg Maybury
Sep 6

Brief: In launching my Substack platform, I felt the most appropriate way to set out my stall was to address the oft neglected matter of professionalism, integrity, and credibility in the media. Not the mainstream or corporate media mind you, as we have all had plenty to say about this execrable crowd on these points. I’m talking here the alternative-independent media (AIM), or ‘shadow media’.

The recent article by Professor Mark Crispin Miller calling various players to task in that space opened up a timely portal for your humble in which to enter the fray. The temptation to throw my two bob’s worth in on same was difficult to resist. I’ve been keeping the powder dry for too long. No doubt I’ll piss a few folks off in the process, but that’s a price I’m prepped to pay. Because what we’re dealing with at present is far bigger than all of us and our precious egos. For richer or poorer, here’s the skinny! True confessions of an AIM activist, analyst, revisionist historian, writer, pundit, whatever.

— Are We all “Boring and Irrelevant” Now? You Decide!

Mark Crispin Miller’s [MCM] recent critique(see link herein) of a number of reputable forums, voices, and high-flyers that populate the alternative-independent media [AIM] universe and the broader dissident commentariat was surprising to say the least. The surprise for me had less to do with what he said and about whom he said it, than for the fact he chose to air such views publicly. Yet, it seems we’re broadly simpatico, a point to which we shall return. Perhaps ad nauseum for some!

But let there be no doubt: MCM’s diatribe against the “tribe” gave me much to reflect on with regard to my own experiences as a voracious news consumer, an enthusiastic aggregator and supporter of others’ work and efforts, and especially as a writer, analyst and contributor myself. To be sure the good Prof ‘inspired’ me to finally get a few things off my chest, though no-one should seek to ‘blame’ him for what follows. I take full—albeit unapologetic—responsibility for every word!

By his own admission, MCM—a man of no mean repute himself—used to “champion ardently” many of these AIM ‘darlings’. As did I. After noting [that it] “pains me to say it”, he proceeded to lay out his stall: the principal issue with the ‘marques’ singled out by Miller (in the main notionally “leftist”, ‘progressive’, ‘liberal’, ‘leftish’ etc.), was the reluctance or refusal of some of our more righteous, respected ‘cognitive dissidents’ to challenge any/all aspects of the official Covid narrative, which he (rightly) calls “a global war against humanity itself”

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