If you’ve liked COVID lockdown, you’ll LOVE the coming CLIMATE lockdown….

Check out this wad of climate propaganda, from the faux-left Truthout, which would have us think that this intensifying anxiety among young people has been caused by “government inaction”—when, in fact, its cause is propaganda just like this, whose purpose certainly is not to save the planet, but to help make those young people crave a climate lockdown, just as all the COVID propaganda has made millions of us want to get injected with those murderous “vaccines.”

It’s this sort of fear-mongering, not SARS-CoV-2 or “global warming,” that’s killing us, and that has to stop. Or, to put it differently: Watch out for those who keep on warning us that something’s out to get us, because they’re out to get us.


Youth Climate Anxiety Is Skyrocketing — and Government Inaction Is to Blame

Leanna First-Arai
September 16, 2021

For Zaynab Jawaid, 18, the climate crisis got personal in 2013. Driving home from mosque one day in September, Jawaid spotted Mount Diablo engulfed in flames through the windshield. Fire tore through the dry, steep terrain, eventually spreading to over 3,000 acres of Northern California. She was in sixth grade at the time, and it was surreal.

“We’re going to school, and going to lunch, and seeing the mountain in the background,” Jawaid recalled for Truthout.
Her first “smoke day” was in 11th grade. Officials cancelled class because the air quality was so bad. “It’s the exact opposite of a snow day, where you’re so excited about what’s falling from the sky,” Jawaid said.
The next year — Jawaid’s senior year of high school — came the rolling blackouts. In October 2019, Pacific Gas & Electric implemented power outages during windy wildfire season to prevent new fires, cutting off power for over 800,000 people. It ended up being a relatively tame year for fires in…

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