“I think they want people to die”: Federal employee speaks out on the countless “vaccine” deaths at her hospital, none of them reported

This shocker calls to mind the revelations by Erin Olszewski, the travel nurse who, in the summer of 2020, blew the whistle on the killing ground at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, “the epicenter of the epicenter.” (Scroll down for that link.)

What Jodi O’Malley has now revealed, thanks to Project Veritas, is that Elmhurst is no anomaly, but typical of public hospitals under Covid. They’re evidently doing everything they can to finish people off—mostly people of color, it appears— with all involved “just following orders,” to keep their jobs.

So black lives don’t matter after all. Neither do white lives. The only lives that matter to the authors of this ongoing horror are their own.

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