Dr. Fauci lied (as usual) about the reason why he’d (briefly) told the truth about face masks

From Theresa O’Brien (who emailed me after watching Part 3 of “2020: A Propaganda Masterpiece,” with its discussion of Fauci’s lie about the reason why, through March of 2020, he told America that masks don’t work):

I did a report on this issue in August 2020.

As you can see, what I heard from distributors was that China was holding up exports and jacking up prices post-purchase, but at least some of them were able to obtain N95s or KN95s. It’s also interesting that (since that interview) the possibility of nitrile glove shortages did not materialize.

It felt very weird to be the only reporter looking into whether the shortages were real, when the shortages were the reason given by Fauci for his March statement that masks were pointless, and given by state health and education departments for their requirement of cloth face coverings rather than N95s.

Thank you for your work.

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