A clinical test for Covid psychosis

A Clinical Test for Covid Psychosis

A Test for Covid Psychosis 2.pdf 
Diagnose yourself and your family members in the privacy of your own home.
By Dr. Luminoso Verboso, M.D., PhD., J.D.

Dare to Find Out?!
Are you, your employer, your loved ones, your friends and community mates afflicted with mass, state-of-the-art, propaganda-induced, cyber-assisted Covid Psychosis?

We hope not, but here’s how you can tell for sure by marking just a few, simple, statements as true-or-false.

1. Covid-19 and all its mutating variants are naturally occurring bat viruses that have made the jump to humans.  They are not lab-created, bio-weaponized strains, each with its own registered patent number.  [ circle one ]    True   False

2. Dr. Anthony Fauci – the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since George Orwell’s favorite year, 1984 – did not commit perjury when he stated under oath in a recent Congressional hearing that he did not fund ‘gain-of-function’ research at the University of North Carolina or the Wuhan Laboratory in China, and he can be totally trusted to always tell the truth. He is the very embodiment – as he, himself says – of ‘The Science.”     T     F

3. No proven, safe, effective, inexpensive early treatment drugs or protocols for Covid exist, and they have not been intentionally withheld from the public.  Injections are the only option for achieving herd immunity.  T    F

4.  Ivermectin is just a worm treatment for horses. It has not been officially designated by the WHO as an ‘essential medicine.’    T    F

5.  Hydroxychloroquine together with zinc have not been shown to be effective in preventing or in treating Covid and are only prescribed by charlatans and quacks like the Frontline Doctors, or Dr. Vladimir Zelenko.    T    F

6.  The RT-PCR tests widely used to identify and tabulate global Covid infection rates and justify social distancing and lockdown measures are totally reliable and not subject to false positives and manipulation of results via the number of replication cycles used.   Dr. Kary Mullis, the test’s Nobel Prize-winning inventor, did not specifically warn that it could not be used for diagnosis.   T     F

7. M-RNA and viral vector injections have been proven safe and effective in preventing infection and transmission in rigorous clinical trials.  They meet the long-standing, standard medical definition of  ‘vaccine’ and are not experimental, gene-altering substances with multiple unknown short- and long-term health effects.    T    F

8. No animal trials have shown that injected animals died when exposed to the Covid virus as a result of Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) – also known as ‘pathogenic priming’ – in which the inoculated immune system over reacts in response to a virus, causing severe inflammation and an auto-immune response resulting in death. ADE probably won’t happen to any of the people who have taken the injections.    T    F

9. No serious, life-threatening adverse affects – such as Thrombocytopenia or clotting; Transmissible Spongiform Enchephalopathies (TSEs), also known as prion diseases and ‘sponge brain;’ neurological, pulmonary or vascular damage; male and female sterility; or ADE – have been reported from any of the available injections.   T    F

10. Reports that there have been more than 45, 000 post-injection deaths so far recorded is just fake news.    T    F

11. Israel – where virtually the entire populations has been compelled to take the Pfizer injection – is conclusive proof of the efficacy and effectiveness of that product in preventing Covid infection, transmission and hospitalization.    T    F

12. Cloth masks prevent infection and transmission and do not cause oxygen deprivation and toxic bacterial build-up damaging to the wearer’s immune system and mental clarity.  Masking schoolchildren must be mandatory for their safety.   T    F

13. There are no studies suggesting a correlation between early centers of Covid infection and the locations – including Wuhan – where 5G technology first got massive deployment.     T    F

14. Covid has not been shown to have over a 98% recovery rate in normally healthy people, and a mortality rate matching or less than that of seasonal flu.    T    F

15. Pharmaceutical companies do not influence mainstream media reporting by massive injections of advertising money. Corporate media can be totally trusted.   
T    F

16. Anti-Vaxers and Anti-Maskers protesting compulsory mass inoculations and/or lockdown measures are delusional, domestic terrorists who are endangering public health and national security and should be dealt with accordingly – by police and military, if necessary.    T    F

17. Mandatory masking and ‘vaccination certification’ requirements are not violations of constitutional, civil or human rights and should be stringently enforced.    T    F

18. Censorship of dissenting views and information about Covid on social media platforms is totally justified and should be increased. Most people are too stupid and easily influenced to do their own research on existing evidence and make up their own minds.    T    F

19. Medical marshal law and tight bio-security enforcement must become a permanent feature of our society from now on. They are necessary for human survival. Coerced compliance must replace informed consent.    T    F

20. The Covid/Great Reset agenda is not the most extensive, potentially genocidal mass psychological operation (psyop) ever attempted in human history. We can trust authorities to act in our best interests.    T    F

A note on scoring:
If you marked three or more of the above statements ‘false,’ there’s a chance you may recover and help others develop herd immunity. 
If you marked more than ten of them ‘true,’ you’re seriously afflicted with Covid Psychosis and it is recommended that you self-sequester until the plague of panic has succumbed to the indispensible antidote of hard facts.
The posting or sharing of this text does not indicate or constitute agreement with, or endorsement of the views implied or expressed herein by the author.


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