We (humans) must all ACT against the evil: (1) UK mother pleads for legal help to save her badly “vaccine”-injured daughter; (2) ALL jabbed people MUST learn how to DETOX

If you know anything about pine oil, please share the info.


Post-Humanism; UK Mother Pleads For Help: Daughter In ICU, Family Barely Allowed To See Her; How To Detox From Shots

Celia Farber
Aug 19

I was permanently banned from Twitter about 9 months ago, but can still view content and share it in places other than Twitter. In the last year, I have also had my website with 13 years of content, The Truth Barrier, deleted. This is my last lifeboat and I don’t want us to get torpedoed. How?
Over time I will work out code words for headlines. Maybe borrow Swedish words at times. As a (micro) publisher, I have to weigh carefully how much content I share that shocks and depresses, but no longer surprises. (We can be shocked yet not surprised.) The horrors pour forth from all over the “Western” world, under this beastly spectral “virus” crisis that has enabled every crime, sin, and abomination to become standard practice— even a source of moral pride for the accomplices to murder.
Our eyes are wide open—this we don’t need help with. What can we do? I think at this point the best direction is to research and share all we can about counter-measures to help the injected. For example, on Facebook yesterday I saw this comment:
“Ivermectin dissolves hydrogel making it useful against some nanotech. Pine oil protects your DNA, has Suramin and is amazing for your lungs and build micro capillaries. Both kill parasites. I used both as I’m highly allergic and reactive to shedding from people who got the injection and had a bad cough and got sick around them for 2 months before discovering a solution. I wear an ionizer to prevent the smart dust from landing on me too so my skin doesn’t get itchy. I take NAC and Vitamin C with it.”

Lindsay FireBall

Here’s my question: I have used pine pollen powder and tincture, (for years) as well as pine tea, both from fresh picked pine and from packaged tea. What is meant exactly by pine oil? (Do we mean turpentine?) More to the point, which form of pine ensures Suramin and the above mentioned detox? Is it enough to drink pine tea from freshly picked pine? Most people, in places where pine trees grow, can do this, and it’s free. Anybody with exact knowledge please chime in. (By the way, the setting I have is that everybody, not only paid subscribers can comment. I got an email from a reader that said only paid subscribers could comment but please try again, as this is not the setting.)
OK, now to the Twitter post, just one of so many, on a given day. Click on the blue text to see the video. The agony of parents who are watching their children die because Political Correctness overtook everything, made is socially impossible for them to say No, is almost too painful for comprehension.
This other entity, force, this thing…Goethe’s Erlkonig on steroids, took people’s children. The parents no longer had the voice, authority, touch, or reach that they previously had, as parents. Because you see, they did away with “parents” before they launched beastly algorithm of post-biological “science.”
Nothing more comprehensively evil, surely, has ever taken place, than “Covid.” Nothing colder. I think even Ahriman himself could be shuddering at this. (Rudolf Steiner described him as “perfectly” cold, and having entered our realm in the late 90s through “electromagnetism.”)
We must endure to the end, and simply do what we can. After that we have to do what we can’t.
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Can anyone help?
August 18th 2021
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