US post-jab deaths (reported) now top 12,300, post-jab hospitalizations over 46,000

From: John Gilmore Date: Mon, Aug 9, 2021 at 9:40 AM

Subject: USA Take Action: 12,336 deaths and 46,036 hospitalizations associated with Covid shots reported by federal agency


USA Take Action: Feds report 12,336 deaths, 46,036 hopitalizations associated with Covid shots

We are starting a new regular feature, every Monday we will be posting the most recent numbers of injuries associated with Covid shots from the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), and asking you to share them with your elected representatives.

As of last July 30,, an organization that monitors the VAERS online database, reported the following adverse events have been reported to the agency:

12,366 deaths

46,036 hospitalizations

68,040 urgent care visits

4,759 cases of anaphylaxis

4,044 cases of Bell’s palsy

Please click Take Action to send this information to the White House, your Governor, your two US Senators, your member of the US House of Representatives and your elected representatives in the upper and lower houses of your state legislature.

VAERS data comes directly from the CDC Wonder database which you can access here:

Only about 1% of vaccine injuries, however, are reported to VAERS according to a study by the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. So the numbers above about should be multiplied by 100 to get an accurate count of injuries.

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