Total “vaccine” deaths and injuries acknowledged by governments as of 8/6/21

How is it that “we” tolerate this?

The swine flu vaccine rollout was halted after 46 deaths. But now deaths in the tens of thousands, the number rising daily, is okay?

The moral impact of the “COVID” scare has been incalculable more destructive than the pathogen.

US – CDC’s VAERS data released August 6, 2021 showed 12,366 deaths and 618,648 adverse reactions plus an additional 1000 deaths of fetuses by spontaneous abortion and miscarriage following the injections. 50% of adverse reactions resulted in hospitalization and long term disabilities. **

EU through July 26 , 2021 Eudravigilance, the European Database of Adverse reactions to Covid vaccines, lists 20,595 DEAD, 1,960.607 Injured 950,000 of those injured were hospitalized. following injections of the four experimental COVID-19 shots.

UK Through June 23, a total of 1403 deaths and 1,007,253 injuries recorded following the experimental COVID injections

  • EU There are 23 nations in Europe not included in the EU. We do not have data from them. likewise, no data from Japan, China, Asia, Africa or South America. No data likewise from British Commonwealth countries.

** US There are 168,564 reports that have been submitted to VAERS but not yet added to the database A CDC employee whistleblower stated in court under oath that the actual death toll from Covid vaccines in the US as of July 23 was 45,000, currently as of August 6 total is 51,537 and over 3 million adverse reactions. Harvard University medical statisticians put the actual death toll from Covid vaccines in the US alone at 500,000, three times that number in the EU and UK combined. They estimate that only 1% to 10% of deaths and injuries are reported to VAERS or released by VAERS to the public. The CDC has 13 separate reporting systems, but only VAERS can be accessed by the public. Their private data is never released.

“If a million people die from the vaccines it will still be worth it” ” Bill Gates.

(How about three million, Bill. Still worth it? How about 12 million deaths worldwide? How about 7 billion dead over the next two years ? Your depopulation- eugenicist wet dream . The question we all have is “Why are you not hanging upside down from a scaffold?” )

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