Three Hindenburgs In one day for Biden/Harris

Because we cannot ever know precisely what They’re planning, or how much, if anything, of what we’re seeing “happen” IS just happening (the way “shit happens” now and then), we often have to FEEL our way, and maybe trust our feelings, instincts, hunches.

So here are mine, vis-a-vis the day’s three (seeming?) “Hindenburgs,” which Celia Farber looks at below: Kabul, FDA/Moderna, Jan. 6 (NOT an “insurrection,” says the FBI, which ran it).

1) If Biden/Harris somehow go down because of those three crashes, or any one or two of them, there won’t be any justice in it, because the guiltiest accomplices of all in all three crimes (the “war on terror,” sparked by 9/11, and commencing with the bombing  of Afghanistan, and continuing through Obama/Biden’s blithe drone war there and elsewhere; the COVID-19 “vaccination” Holocaust; and that Reichstag-fire-phony “attempted coup”) will skate away, pretending that they didn’t have a thing to do with any of it.

I mean, of course, “our free press,” which, if they had only done their proper jobs, wouldn’t have let ANY of that happen. 

Their vast professional failure, or betrayal, fills me with rage. And:

2)  Watching the COVID and “insurrection” narratives both abruptly start (perhaps) to crumble, and Kabul ominously (seem to) start to turn into a whole new crucible of “terror,”  I also (to quote Star Wars) “have a bad feeling about this,” sensing that, out of the fireball of this moment’s triple-seeming-Hindenburg (or at least the one in Kabul), there may rise something even worse than what we’ve seen, which, God knows, is bad enough—some huge NEW “threat,” used to justify the Mother of All Crackdowns, everywhere.


3) Where there’s life, there’s hope; Evil cannot win; and you can’t fool all the people all the time. (I hold these truths to be self-evident, and hope that you do, too.)


Three Hindenburgs In One Day For Biden Administration
I Am Told This Was Planned But I am Still Not So Sure
Celia FarberAug 21

“Every time the US “saves” a country, it turns it into an insane asylum or a cemetery. “

—Eduardo Galeano

I will be posting pieces that seem true and or relevant about three main story fronts: Kabul, Jan 6, and Moderna’s FDA trouble (meant to post about this yesterday, will today.) Please do not get upset with me if I appear to be on the wrong track. I don’t have a track. I am simply enraged and trying to follow it best I can. I don’t have a special pet theory about what may be pre-planned, what was sheer Biden/Harris debacle—I believe in following stories in a state of open confusion, and keeping “theories of everything” at bay until we can see better through the fog.

What I see, or think I see, is that the Biden administration is in flames, and even the corporate-globalist media won’t defend him anymore. Just focus on John Kirby’s face, and there you will see my theory, if I have one. (They are in raw terror. Kirby literally can not speak. Can’t say anything about anything.)

(I wish Robert Crumb would draw John Kirby.)

Yes—I think they’re in free-fall, and have no idea what to do. Except maybe fly to Vietnam or start talking about the importance of “women and girls.” Yes—I think they (global elites, Biden all of them) have the political equivalent of tertiary syphilis, ALL their “credibility” is destroyed, the Jonestown sirens are sounding, and people are seeing them for what they always were.


NO, I do not believe, despairingly, that they are sitting pretty on top of their latest pre-planned mega-manipulation that only appears identical to political catastrophe. Needless to say, I could be wrong.

In one day, Aug 20, there were at least three Hindenburgs on their side:

FBI admitted Jan 6 was not a right wing “insurrection” and neither Alex Jones nor Roger Stone had anything to do with it. Told you so. While they were at it, they exonerated the hand that held the gun that shot the person we are told was named Ashley Babbitt. They said there is no further need to discuss it. A little different, vibe wise, from George Floyd. But was it even real? Don’t ask.

2. Washington Post reports on Canadian data showing myocarditis risk high from Moderna vaccines in 12-18 year olds, and FDA is not approving it, causing Moderna stock to tank. Translation: Moderna has killed children and the FDA is inexplicably back after a long tragic absence, acting like the FDA should—but way too little way too late. (More on this soon.)

3. Kabul. Afghanistan. All three are Hindenburgs, for this administration and for every last media propagandist who peddled and and all of the above drivel, which was 99% of them.

I feel the urge to apologize for this rising anger, as in the post last night, and this one. Watching Joe Biden, for any length of time, sends me into PTSD “dysregulation,” and I am thinking about why.

It’s that he speaks to us as though we are children on a ward where they removed a small part of our brains. What is it about being addressed like this, wish such obvious falsity and lies, such condescension, that makes me so angry, and why now? Probably because I, along with so many people I care about, have been shamed and villified for so many years, from so many angles, and those who did the shaming have had THEIR ENTIRE RIG collapse this week. They are ALWAYS WRONG, about everything. Here’s some footage from Afghanistan, which our arrogant President thinks is not at all a crisis and only exactly what you would expect when you “pull out” of a country you were doing God only knows what in for 20 years. @disclosetv on Twitter has good info, this is who they are:

They are reporting that “IS” is moving in, also known as ISIS, which Obama and Biden always tell us they “got rid of.” @disclosetvJUST IN – ISIS operating at #Kabul airport according to unconfirmed French intelligence as reported by @suddafchaudry. Pentagon’s Kirby: “We’re not going to get into specific details about the threat environment.”

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My rage is that we were not permitted a national dialogue about any of this, all these years. Why do I know that Kourtney Kardashian cut her hair short but I didn’t know the US (taxpayer) spent $700 billion on training the Afghan “army,” who apparently were high all the time—except about 5% of them.

The responsible thing for me to do is report as best I can. Gather stuff that seems true and relevant and real. Not just get angry at Joe Biden, and YES I KNOW he is a “puppet.” That changes nothing about how utterly humiliating it is to be an American and be addressed like that, like he addresses @disclosetvNOW – More and more people are gathering outside #Kabul airport in the hope of escaping the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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