They’re coming after us

I’d planned to take it easy on this Sunday; but it’s impossible to do that under fire—as we are now, officially, according to NBC News, which, yesterday, reported that they’re coming after us.

This aired yesterday on NBC News. (Scroll down for my elaboration.)

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(Here are the links to NBC’s report, and the bulletin from DHS:

So, yes, they’re clearly coming after us, since we stand in firm “opposition to COVID measures”; we are dedicated to the full investigation of all “claims of election fraud,” including the abundant evidence that Biden/Harris didn’t really win (whether or not “Trump can be re-instated”); we see no reason not to question the official story of 9/11; and (I hope I speak for all of us) we believe in both parts of the First Amendment, and therefore find it sinister, to say the least, that “religious holidays” should now be deemed a “potential terror threat.”

To put it more simply, we are “conspiracy theorists”—which, of course, is what DHS really means, by linking “opposition to COVID measures,” “9/11 Truth” and disbelief in Biden/Harris’ “election.” Whereas “conspiracy theory”—concerning, say, JFK/Dallas, or the moon landing—was, initially (that is, from 1967, when the CIA first weaponized the phrase), a target mainly of derision, the epithet is now more dangerously fraught—i.e., depicted as more dangerous than ever, which is itself more dangerous than any terror-propaganda strategy in history; for it is the totalitarian intention of that propaganda strategy eventually to outlaw the essential democratic act of  questioning official narratives, by casting it no longer as ridiculous, but as “domestic terrorism,” and, therefore, a federal offense.

(I discuss this trend in “2020: A Propaganda Masterpiece,” my interview in Episode 17 of “Perspectives on the Pandemic”:  

That strategy explains why DHS officially associates those now-verboten subjects of “conspiracy theory”—”COVID measures,” 9/11 and election theft—both with the dreaded Donald Trump (and the nightmarish prospect of his coming back, like Voldemort), and with “religious holidays”: two entities long since expertly (and ludicrously) demonized as fascist threats to “our democracy,” in furtherance of a totalitarian takeover that puts the Bolsheviks and Nazis in the shade, since this one is not merely national or continental, but global; and it has at its disposal the unprecedented boon of digital technology, giving it, potentially, a total grip on the economy, and a surveillance capability that makes the telescreens in Nineteen Eighty-Four seem rather quaint. 

But that hasn’t happened yet; and it’s precisely because we
stand in the way (and that there are so manyof us) that They have now, at last, declared the war that They have wanted all along, and which They have, in fact, been fighting indirectly under cover of Their wars on “terror” and “the virus”—both of which were actually one war against the rest of us, believers in democracy, defenders of humanity, who won’t be scared into compliance with Their mad demands, or let Them get away with what They’ve done. 


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