The truth, the whole truth, and ZDOGGMD

The truth, the whole truth, and ZDOGGMD
How COVID-19 “vaccine” propaganda is as dangerous to all of us as it keeps saying that COVID-19 is

Mark Crispin Miller
Aug 14

When ZDOGGMD (né Zubin Damania) pops up online with a new riff purporting to “debunk” something or other, you’re definitely going to get some truth—but not from him. That busy “American physician, assistant professor, comedian, internet personality and musician” (as his website identifies him) is a propagandist above all, skilled at jeering honest witnesses whose off-script truths about the “COVID crisis” threaten to go viral.
That’s what this “dogg” did, in early June of 2020, with Erin Marie Olszewski, the righteous “travel nurse” from Florida, who blew the whistle on the killing floor at Elmhurst Hospital—”the epicenter of the epicenter,” whose COVID ward the New York Times had repeatedly and totally misrepresented as a gritty site of daily medical heroism, all hands struggling, in that shabby public hospital (like in “St. Elsewhere”), to “save lives” from that unprecedented killer virus (like in Contagion), without the right equipment or enough supplies.
The Times’ sad/scary view of that embattled COVID ward appeared to justify the warnings, ever louder from the rollout of “the coronavirus,” that “our hospitals” would soon be “overrun”—a danger seemingly confirmed not only by the Times’ Elmhurst stories, but also by the many glimpses of refrigerator trucks pulled up near hospitals throughout the city, reportedly to “store the bodies,” and by now-ex-Governor Cuomo’s bellowing about the urgent need for ventilators (to “save lives”). Thus the Times, the governor, and all the other New York media helped counter the awkward fact, apparent only to a few watchful pedestrians, that New York City’s hospitals appeared not to be “overrun” at all.

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