The “pandemic” is a vastly lesser threat than these top 10 pandemic fables

From Mark Mallett:

T H E  N O W  W O R D  w i t h  M A R K  M A L L E T T


IT’S a year unlike any other on planet earth. Many know deep down that there is something very wrong taking place. No one is allowed to have an opinion any more, no matter how many PhD’s behind their name. No one has the freedom any longer to make their own medical choices (“My body, my choice” no longer applies). No one is allowed to engage facts publicly without being censored or even dismissed from their careers. Rather, we have entered a period reminiscent of the powerful propaganda and intimidation campaigns that immediately preceded the most distressing dictatorships (and genocides) of the past century…

Arm yourself with truth: the Top Ten Fables of the past year posing as “science”….
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