That makes FOUR cops who’ve “committed suicide” after trying to “defend the Capitol” against that “insurrection” on Jan. 6

Were any of those cops among the sizable contingent that took down the barricades outside the Capitol, then ushered all those “rioters” inside (a moment of collusion caught on many videos)?

Whether all four deaths were really suicides or not, this poignant story is a propaganda doozy, serving, all at once, to (a) further demonize the”rioters,” thereby to (b) make the national audience forget all that stark evidence of collusion (not just those grass-roots videos, but the revelation, broadcast coast to coast on Tucker Carlson’s show, of deep FBI involvement in the “riot”), and to (c) distract attention from, and/or make the audience indifferent to, the shocking Gitmo-style mistreatment of our many fellow-citizens swept up after Jan. 6, and held in federal prison—in solitary confinement—on no charges.

Such propaganda, and the ever-readiness of educated citizens to swallow it, poses a vastly greater threat to Our Republic (remember that?) than that ridiculous staged fracas in the Capitol.


DC police reveal officer was found dead at his home last month in statement just hours after disclosing third cop had taken his own life

DC Metropolitan Officer Kyle DeFreytag, 26, killed himself on July 10. He is fourth cop who was at the Capitol on January 6 who has since killed himself Officer Gunther Hashida, 43, a father-of-three, took his own life on July 29 U.S. Capitol Police officer Howard Liebengood killed himself three days after the riot on January 9, while DC Police Officer Jeffrey Smith shot himself January 14. Two of their widows are petitioning to have the deaths ruled as Line of Duty deaths. They say it would honor the cops’ service and hold police forces accountable. 17 out of every 100,000 cops kill themselves which is a rate of 0.01 percent. Of the 6,050 cops in the Capitol and DC Metro forces, 0.06 percent have now killed themselves since January 6

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