NFU is (finally) going to Substack, so let us know if you want us to comp you

I’m very happy to report that Dylan Harnett has agreed to help me out with NFU. This means, among other things, that he will oversee the process of moving everybody on this list to Substack, where I will henceforth publish all my more substantial pieces. (The other daily emails will continue to go out the usual way, since Substack offers no daily digest option.)

So, if you want to get my Substack pieces, but would prefer to get them at no charge, or if you have already donated to NFU this year, and would like to have my Substack works included,  please email Dylan, and ask him to comp you. (I ask those of you who emailed me about this many weeks ago to pardon me for asking you to email us again.) Dylan can be reached at

And, for those of you who’ve joined us in the last two months—as many have, I’m pleased to say—here (attached), by way of welcome, is “Queen of the Forest,” a song I wrote back in the Nineties, before leaving Baltimore for New York City, and that was expertly recorded by my buddy Topher Sisson. (That’s me singing, backed by Linda DeLibero, who’s still at JHU.)

(So NFU is not all rabbit holes and gloom-and-doom, but also has its flashes of the beautiful—and lotsa laughs as well!)


MCM Song (1).mp3

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