New Zealand needs a good psychiatrist, so here one is

Dear Prime Minister Ardern:

Another meaningless ‘positive’ coronavirus PCR test, and another national lockdown to do what — keep healthy people imprisoned while chasing the illusion of viral elimination?  It’s time for you, Hipkins and Bloomfield to admit the utter bankruptcy of a ‘health programme’ that has no real basis in any kind of actual science because actual science shows:

1. lockdowns do nothing to prevent viral spread but they certainly heighten anxieties, destroy businesses and rend the social fabric
2. masks simply do nothing to prevent infection or transmission of viral particles that are three times smaller than the openings in them
3. the PCR coronavirus test has already been admitted by the CDC to be extremely faulty; testing ‘positive’ therefore means virtually nothing
4. natural immunity to a ubiquitous family of respiratory viruses is the greatest defence

Is there a medical emergency in New Zealand?  Has there been excess mortality worldwide from what we have been told is a ‘pandemic’?  Why aren’t the efficacious medical treatments available for them being actively promoted by our Minister of Health instead of inoculations that have caused tens of thousands of deaths worldwide and that neither prevent infection nor transmission nor are effective against emerging viral variants?

Finally, as a psychiatrist allow me to ask how many New Zealanders lost their lives to suicide over the past 18 months, and compare that number to those who have lost their lives to COVID.


Emanuel E. Garcia, MD
Eastbourne, NZ

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