“I know that it’s malevolent, and I know that it must stop; and if WE don’t do it, who’s going to?”: Irish doctor tells us how those double-jabs have weirdly “damaged” many people in their twenties

She’s absolutely right. In the face of this catastrophe, as They plan to jab the children next, rallies aren’t enough.

We have to spread the word—the truth—about what those “vaccines” are doing to people: damaging far more of them, and far more gravely, than COVID-19 ever did.

We have to spread the word, to shut that program down.


From Susan in the UK:

Dr. Anne McCloskey of the NHS gives an impassioned plea (video runs 9min 30sec) after working all night in the hospital, where almost everyone she treated was double vaccinated for COVID. Young people in their 20s are developing disabilities she has never seen before.

She has been fired today for making this short video and speaking the truth.

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