How to help Dr. Mercola

From Kerry Anderson:

Thank you for the updates! The time and effort you put in are a godsend for those of us who would like to stay informed as our busy days are spent raising families and earning a living during these bizarre times.

I wanted to make the point that, for the time being, your readers still have the opportunity to “vote with their dollars” so-to-speak. You may consider encouraging them to visit Dr. Mercola’s store and make a purchase there, as I did earlier today after reading that article.

Mercola’s products are the real deal. I personally use his collagen supplement every day. Although I am nearly fifty, I am regularly mistaken for being in my 30s. Additionally, it is a tragedy to lose (free) access to the vast content Dr. Mercola has put up over the years. Any time there is an ache or illness in our family, his site is my first stop; each article is so well-researched and diligently sourced.

I immediately texted the best friend who originally legitimized Dr. Mercola’s products to me years ago, when I had only just heard of him and was hesitant about buying an unfamiliar product line. This was her response: “This is disturbing but not surprising. He (Dr. Mercola) has definitely helped our family take control of our health. I am sure his immune support supplement is why I have never needed a flu shot nor had a cold for more than 48 hours.”

Her reply speaks to the heart of the matter. Dr. Mercola helps individuals run their own lives; something the State can’t stand!

Best regards,

Kerry Anderson

Las Vegas, Nevada

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