Help MoveOn turn this country into Vaccine Nation!

If only “MoveOn” WOULD (move on), and take its corporate masters with it, the world would finally be a better place.

That outfit has always been a faux-progressive fraud. Back when election theft was mainly how the GOP took power (think Bush/Cheney), MoveOn steadfastly ignored their own internal poll results, showing that their grass-roots members wanted them to spotlight election integrity. MoveOn would NEVER go there, for the same reason that the “liberal media” would never go there, nor would any other big “progressive” outfit, all of them united in a common effort NOT to realize American democracy but to prevent it.

Back when it was the GOP that pushed an alien agenda, and therefore HAD to steal elections, the “liberal” drive AGAINST democracy was tacit; but now that it’s the Democrats who are trying to force an alien agenda on the rest of us—mask mandates, new lockdowns, forcible injections—and have therefore had to steal ITS “victories” to make that happen, MoveOn is OVERTLY hostile to the will of the majority, as its shocking pitch for funds (below) makes all too clear.

More specifically, what MoveOn’s email inadvertently makes clear is that the Democratic Party has long since become a globalist conspiracy against America, its platform wholly based on fear itself, with illiberality and injustice for all.


Dear MoveOn member,
Texas Governor Greg Abbott just signed an executive order banning schools, businesses, and local governments from requiring masks and vaccines, even while the state is becoming an epicenter of new COVID-19 cases.1
In Arizona, GOP state lawmakers passed a bill allowingmembershrs’ usinesses to ignore mask mandates.2
And across the country, as COVID-related hospitalizations skyrocket, state and local GOP officials are spreading wild conspiracy theories about the pandemic and COVID vaccines that are putting our health and lives at risk.
We need to defeat these dangerous extremists and elect real leaders who follow the science and believe in facts. But shockingly, in as many as 75% of races for elected office in America, Democrats don’t even compete, allowing Republicans to build a dangerous amount of power at the local and state levels that is detrimental to all of us but especially our communities of color, LGBTQ+ communities, immigrants, and women.3
Which is why MoveOn is expanding our partnership with Rapid Resist Action’s Contest Every Race program, a coalition working to end GOP rule in America by making sure that no Republican runs for office without a fight. Together, we will help end GOP dominance in local races and elect leaders who will put science and public health over right-wing propaganda.
But recruiting, training, and helping to power thousands of down-ballot candidates to victory is expensive work, and Contest Every Race is facing a $360,000 fundraising shortfall. Will you chip in $3, split between MoveOn and Contest Every Race, to help close the gap and fuel the work to elect progressives up and down the ballot?
Mark, a terrifying report from NBC News shows that QAnon conspiracy theorists “have hatched a new plan: run for school board or local office.”4
The National Education Association warns that “conspiracy theorists and proponents of fake news are winning local elections. And their new positions give them a powerful voice in everything from local law enforcement to libraries, trash pickup to textbook purchases.”5
Make no mistake: Conspiracy theorists are infiltrating and radicalizing local school boards, city councils, and state governments. Once they’re in office, they’re spreading dangerous misinformation and putting in place policies that could result in the deaths of tens of thousands of people.
They must be stopped.
With your help, MoveOn and Contest Every Race will be able to provide strong support for endorsed candidates, including offering training on how to recruit and organize volunteers, raise grassroots donations, most effectively use social media to get their message out, turn out voters to the polls, and more.
The 2022 elections may seem far away, but in many states and localities, candidates are already filing paperwork to run for office.
We don’t have a moment to spare. Chip in $3 today to help power MoveOn and Contest Every Race’s effort to defeat QAnon candidates running for office.
Thanks for all you do.
–Chris, Nita, Oscar, Casey, and the rest of the team
1. “Gov. Greg Abbott bars mandates for vaccinations and masks in Texas.” The New York Times, July 31, 2021
2. “Gov. Ducey signs HB 2770, Arizona businesses not required to enforce mask mandate,” KOLD News 13, April 9, 2021
3. “It’s time to Contest Every Race.” Contest Every Race, accessed August 3, 2021
4. “QAnon’s new ‘plan’? Run for school board,” NBC News, July 7, 2021
5. Ibid.
Want to support MoveOn’s work? The GOP is launching an all-out campaign to take down the Democratic majority in Congress and reinstall Mitch McConnell as Senate majority leader in 2022. To defeat the GOP, MoveOn is going all-in with TV ads, a nationwide grassroots organizing campaign, and more.
Will you chip in to power our effort to defeat McConnell and the GOP in 2022?
Click here to chip in $3, or whatever you can afford.
PAID FOR BY MOVEON.ORG POLITICAL ACTION, Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
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