Heads up! How the (predictable) disaster in Afghanistan may be a set-up for the biggest false flag of them all (MUST-READ by James Corbett)

Corbett rightly urges us to brace ourselves for some BIG “terrorist” attack, and/or assassination, and/or hugely crippling act of cyber-sabotage, by some new imaginary underground of feral (Christian?) rednecks, maddened by “conspiracy theories” (about the COVID “vaccines” and Biden/Harris’s “election”), and maybe, too, a few “al Qaeda” zealots sprung out of the chaos in Afghanistan, all the plotters linked obscurely to the Kremlin.  

The possibilities are endless—as is the malevolent ingenuity of those intent on jerking us around until we’re either dead or perfect slaves. In any case, whatever shock-and-awful story They next hit us with, so as to “explain” whatever horror 
They will have covertly planned and carried out, we must all be emotionally ready for it, not believe a word of it, and not stop digging into it, so we can prove that it is just another pack of lies. 


“Graveyard of Empires” Claims Another Victim

Corbett ReportAug 14, 2021, 10:59:36 AM

by James Corbett
August 14, 2021
The war in Afghanistan is over! Long live the war in Afghanistan!

Yes, in case you haven’t heard, the US Armed Forces are withdrawing from Afghanistan at the end of the month and NATO’s “Resolute Support” mission—which took over from the NATO combat mission that ended in 2014—will wind up at the same time. And now, exactly as predicted, everything is chaos. And by “everything,” I mean everything.

The Taliban is quickly taking over the country. This story is developing by the hour so it will doubtless have moved on by the time you read this, but as of press time the Taliban have already seized half of Afghanistan’s provincial capitals—including Kandahar and Herat, the second and third largest cities in the country respectively—and are on their way (inevitably, we are told) to capturing Kabul itself. The US military has given up defending the country and is now launching “over-the-horizon” strikes from Qatar and the Persian Gulf and using drone strikes to destroy its own artillery and armoured vehicles, which are increasingly falling into Taliban hands.

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