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Back In A New Form

Celia Farber

Aug 11

As of 3 days ago, a significant recovery from the strange illness I suffered began over a month ago. Today as I write this, I am happy to report that I feel virtually restored to normal.
The pain is gone, and most of the bizarre symptoms I described have receded. I still have a long road of full recovery ahead but I’m alright and my spirit is beginning to feel like itself again.
I hope you stayed, and I look forward to all of us interacting again, and facing these cataclysmic days ahead together.
Thank you all for your support, prayers, and dispatches of helpful information.
In many ways, I am a new person, and the parts of the old one that needed to be cast off or even crucified, have been.
I regret having to be gone for so long but I’m really glad to be back.
-Celia Farber

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