Channelling Dr. Mengele (as usual), Israel’s government decrees that every citizen over 12 must get a THIRD shot, or lose his/her “green pass”

In this one way, the Palestinians are far better off than the Israelis, since their very low rate of COVID hospitalizations/deaths is due to their low “vaccination” rate.

And yet “leftist” orgs like Jewish Voice for Peace are
outraged that the Palestinians don’t have enough COVID “vaccines.” This—the Palestinians’ deprivation of the toxins now killing the Israelis—our Lockdown “Leftists” call “vaccine apartheid,” which, in their crossed eyes, is not the state that we’re all living in today, with the “unvaccinated” treated more and more like black South Africans back in the day, or Jews in Hitler’s Germany.

What’s wrong with these people? Whatever it is, the Palestinians should stay as far away from as possible.

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