WEF, EU, the Pope and other principalities and powers have just informed us that New World Order has BEGUN

Whatever qualms you may have about him—and I’ve had mine—Alex Jones is doing solid work on the most urgent issues of the day, so it would be folly to dismiss it out of hand, just because it comes from him (much as it was with Trump, on those rare occasions when HE spoke the truth).

So, if you find Jones off-putting for whatever reason, I urge you to put that aside, and watch yesterday’s InfoWars, which he began with news that we all need to know—deeply troubling news that should have been reported far and wide, by all the media, because it’s going to affect us all, and it comes straight from the horses’ mouths (as in the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse):

On Friday, the WEF, the EU and the Pope, among other globalist entities, announced outright that the New World Order has begun. They used those words, and made it clear that they are now in charge, that “vaccination” will be mandatory everywhere, that we no longer have the rights that once obstructed them; and so on.

So this means war—a war on all of us; so we had better face it, which means we have to think more practically, and realistically, than ever, now that the writing’s on the wall.

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Yeah I agree that was Alex Jones at his best. He said something that I’ve been wondering for months now: The only reason they’re this reckless and don’t care about the narrative is because they have something far bigger in store. This is the warm-up. Anyone have a cabin in the woods I can go to?
Fauci’s emails, Hunter Biden’s emails, Podesta’s emails….all red herrings. They will shut off our food supply, and then who gives a shit about emails?

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