US military urging officers to get their houses in order?

Military Urging Officers to Get their Houses in Order

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Podcaster Roy Potter says he has an excellent source with contacts in both the active and retired military who is giving him some warnings that things are about to get really nasty.

We’ve seen what’s been happening with the supply chains; the ships waiting offshore, the containers sitting and not being transported and the rail lines being slowed down and even stopped. In conjunction with this, we’ve been seeing cyberattacks on the critical infrastructure and we also know that the World Economic Forum’s Cyber Polygon event is in full swing, in an eerie echo of Event 201, which predicted the whole COVID PSYOP. He says, “In other words, ladies and gentlemen they’re turning off the economy…

“I received a bit of information yesterday and further, this morning that on certain military bases – I imagine this is throughout the entire military – and I don’t know about the enlisted ranks but apparently, amongst the officers, especially the higher-up officers, 04, 05 etc, they’re being told to ‘get their houses in order’ with what’s coming – NOW.

“What they’re saying is that they need to go out and get food, water and supplies. Now, you’d think that being on military installations, they would have access, because the military has to continue taking care of their people but that may not necessarily mean the families, especially in a in a bad situation…

“So, that’s inside information…this is going to go south real quick. I don’t know why. It could be a situation with China, it could be that Biden’s invited the UN in. We’re seeing what apparently are some UN identifications here and there. I don’t know that for sure…

“But this is direct information, that inside the military, amongst the upper officer ranks, at any rate, whether it’s official or not. I doubt it’s official. I don’t think this is coming down from SECDEF or or from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs or anybody like that. This is just people in the know in the military that are warning their buddies, their officer friends…

“So, there are military families right now, at least in the upper-officer ranks, that are hitting the Costco’s, the Walmarts, the Sam’s Clubs, etc, trying to get their stuff together…

“This is the warning I’ve been talking about it for a long time. Get yourselves ready, as best you can, OK? They’re not on our side. Nobody in the government’s on our side. Nobody in the corporations. We’ve been marked for elimination, it’s pretty obvious.”

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