Slide included accidentally in FDA briefing last October, and that flashed by in just a quarter-second, shows THEY KNEW of all those adverse reactions to the C-19 “vaccines”

It was so difficult to capture this screenshot and then see that someone from Daniel’s godlikeproductions captured it. This powerpoint slide that flashes by in less than a second is still on the youtube posted below otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to capture it as a jpg.

This is from the FDA 8 hour presentation between 2:33:41 2:33:42 seconds and lists adverse vaccine side effects suddenly appears for a quarter of a second and disappears, no mention is made of it. ‎

FDA Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee – 10/22/2020 – YouTube. (nearly 9 hours long!)

Thanks to Daniel Barenblatt for his posts from his godlikeproductions blog, I made a screenshot of his blog’s capture of this hidden slide.

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