Red Alert! GO found in Pfizer, AZ “vaccines,” used in biosensors and neural interfaces, could be secret link to human/machine convergence

From Ramola D:

Dear all–

I just completed and published a rather massive article on Nanobiosensors & Neural Interfaces & NBIC with info from a few different corners of research, which I feel is vital for all to be aware of, and for scientists and physicians to research further & speak out about–starting from the information published by the La Quinta Columna researchers on Graphene Oxide found in the Pfizer, AstraZeneca vaccines.

FYI, Please explore/report/research further, share widely–free to repost anywhere:

Red Alert: Graphene Oxide Found in Pfizer/AstraZeneca Vaccines–Used in Biosensors and Neural Interfaces–Could Be the Secret Link to Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno (NBIC) Human-Machine Convergence for AI Singularity & Full Spectrum Brain/Bio Control Intended by Anti-Human Transhumanists, Globalists, Governments

More scientists organizing biochemical analysis of all the vaccines worldwide would be great…


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