MCM on NYU, academic freedom, COVID and “the globalist attack on all humanity”

This is my 2-hour conversation with Lowell Joseph Gallin and Asher Matathias in Jerusalem. We don’t hold back.

There’s some tech trouble at the beginning of this show, so you might want to start around 10:30 (though Prof. Gallin’s opening riff is fascinating).

2 replies on “MCM on NYU, academic freedom, COVID and “the globalist attack on all humanity””

Fantastic conversation. I also liked Lowell’s interjections, like MSM distorting facts akin to Lego blocks getting assembled in a misleading way: a great simile to ponder.
I share Lowell’s concern for your safety, and agree that popularity begets security: the more popular you are, the more elaborate their plan must be to avoid detection or create plausible deniability..
Possible false flags this summer…well isn’t Cyber Polygon in the works? I heard something might happen this Thursday. Like all the people involved in this conversation pointed out, the big shots know they’re in trouble. Kind of a reverse situation of “If you go for the King, you’d better not miss.” Well, like Lowell said if you fuck with the population you’d also better not miss. That’s what has me so concerned: The utter failure of their propaganda campaign and such very simple logic problems (like the WHO saying kids don’t need to be vaxxed because they aren’t in danger from Covid…even though that was never the narrative to begin with: it was that kids are dangerous because they will kill grandma….) the fact that their house of cards is so precarious tells me that they don’t care, ie they’re ready to pull the trigger on something big. This big event will render our disdain or awakening or illusion of power completely useless. In other words, who cares about Faucii’s emails when there’s nothing to eat.

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