MCM on 2020 as a propaganda masterpiece (Part 1)

Here’s Part 1 of my interview by John Kirby, for Perspectives on the Pandemic, on 2020 (and beyond) as an unprecedented “propaganda masterpiece,” comprising the COVID-19 rollout, the BLM/Antifa depredations following the George Floyd incident, and the January 6 “insurrection.”

Part 1 focuses primarily on the “coronavirus” propaganda, whose purpose has not been to “save” us or otherwise protect the public health (on the contrary). Part 2 will move on to the mid-year George Floyd moment (a propaganda drive whose goal has not been to affirm “inclusion” or “diversity”) and then the “insurrection” in the Capitol (focus of a propaganda hoo-ha whose goal is not to save American democracy).

We’re making Part 1 available to paid subscribers first, and will be making it available to all Substack subscribers a few days later; and we’ll do the same thing with Part 2, and with all our subsequent releases.

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