Gay Men’s Choir belts out a rapturous song (online) extolling pedophilia

Some months ago, when I was still wasting time on Facebook, a “friend” posted an article about Drag Queen Story Hour at some elementary school, with a photo of one such queen bumping and grinding in front of some freaked-out little girl, who was maybe 5 years old; and behind her and her classmates was a crowd of grinning parents, looking as self-satisfied as she looked terrified.

I posted some facetiously indignant comment; and a good (gay) friend of mine replied, “Homophobic much?” To which I wrote back that it’s NOT homophobic to object to such raunchy self-display in a roomful of small children, since it would be just as troubling if a female pole dancer were strutting HERself there.

I still think that’s true; though this video shows something worse, by far, than that hypothetical inappropriate exhibition of full-bodied female tantalization in an elementary school, because such a woman would probably NOT be personally going after 5- or 6- or 7-year-old boys, whereas these predatory narcissists obviously ARE, and make no bones about it.

This is, to be blunt, depraved. Pedophilia is NOT like hetero- or homosexuality, or any other sexuality involving consenting adults, because it’s all about getting off with children far too young even to know what’s going on, much less consenting to it.

Is THIS the real reason why the gay rights movement was splintered into LGBTQ, etc.—to make it okay, eventually, to mount a child? If that’s what it now means to be a “liberal,” count me out, and on the other side, if that’s where those who call this WRONG now stand.

From Celia Farber:

I remember about 7-9 years ago, my very prescient friend Stephen Ericsson said “Celia, they’re normalizing pedophilia.” I couldn’t believe it but since he said it I knew it had to be correct. He’s just always right. 

We began to notice the pedo-symbolism on things like stuffed animals and dolls. Very blatant, hiding in plain sight. Now we are awash in it and stand between being bludgeoned for “transphobia” if we don’t want to let our children’s genitals be surgically altered and (presumably next) bludgeoned for not loving the pedo-agenda in its entirety. It will soon be “hate” to not want your child to be groomed and molested. 

This Gay Men’s Choir song is possibly the creepiest thing I’ve ever heard. I literally can’t believe it.


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