COVID jabs are 60 times more lethal than all other (i.e., real) vaccines combined

From Carmel McCormack:

Note that reported deaths to CDC VAERS are now in and around at least 7000 and given that there are as stated in following article only about 200 deaths reported per annum to VAERS for all vaccines combined then the 5000 reported deaths following covid injection would mean that the covid jabs are ‘currently’ (covid jab fatality rate has since increased) at least 50 times more lethal in general than all other vaccines combined.

6113 deaths following the administering of covid doses reported to VAERS in the USA from December 14, 2020 up to June 18, 2021 (6 months and 4 days) is ‘currently’ at least 60 TIMES MORE DEATHS in general than the deaths reported to VAERS from all other vaccines combined!


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