“COVID-19” was a global coup, in service to the New Eugenics

From Alexis Baden-Mayer, in response to Matthew Ehret’s piece:

Yes, and one of the crazy things I just finally noticed is that a lot of the people I’ve been engaging with on Twitter around the origins of COVID-19 are also eugenecists/transhumanists/human genetic engineers, including Alina Chan, Yuri Deigin, Luigi Warren, Jamie Metzl and Karl Sirotkin.
Alina Chan’s work at Eric Lander’s Broad Institute involves creating human artificial chromosomes for the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Programs Agency (DARPA) under a $32 million grant. Human artificial chromosomes or HACs are the first step in creating a genetically engineered synthetic human genome.
Chan’s research was conducted for GP-write (originally called “Human Genome Project-write”). By Chan’s own account, she was interested in human artificial chromosomes for “genome writing” and “mammalian cell engineering” and wanted to create synthetic DNA and “deliver them into human cells.” She developed a method for fusing yeast to human cells to create “Frankenstein cells.” With this technique, she successfully inserted ebola into human cells in order to make human cells produce the infectious virus.
Chan currently works at the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research, which focuses on finding genetic markers for mental illness. The Stanley Center has been leading a large-scale international collaboration in the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium to discover genetic causes of autism. In 2019, they announced that they had identified the first common genetic risk variants for autism and for the first time found the genetic differences between different types of autism.
We know all of this thanks to the detective work of anonymous Twitter user @gumby4christ. While researching the origins of COVID-19, “Gumby” looked into Alina Chan’s research and found some very disturbing things, which he laid out in two must-read Twitter threads May 28-June and June 1.
Yuri Deigin & Luigi Warren are both involved in the Lifeboat Foundation (along with Jeffrey Epstein). It’s strange that they’re concerned about virus hunters when they themselves are gene hunters. I’ve come to understand that what we’ve learned about the origins of COVID-19, so far, is a limited hangout organized by the members of DRASTIC. This is very similar to what happened with the investigation into the 2001 anthrax attacks and, as it would happen, Luigi Warren was involved in that. He helped lead people to Steven Hatfill, who ended up being a very well-paid patsy before blame was shifted to (the dead) Bruce Ivans.
Jamie Metzl cloaks his transhumanism behind a faux persona of one who is interested in the governance of new technologies. We need a global ban on human genetic engineering, not “governance”, but Jamie Metzl made sure WHO didn’t do that.
Karl Sirotkin is a genetic engineer who is a government bureaucrat who worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory before spending 26 years at the National Center for Biotechnology Information. His science helped develop the CRISPR technology and he was involved in the 1000 Genomes Project. Nobody talks about this because he published with his non-scientist son who is a potty-mouthed sex-offender who just got out of prison and actively work to keep the press at bay.
Not only was the pandemic planned, the grassroots investigators into the pandemic’s origins were pre-positioned.
One thing they never talk about is Eric Schmidt/Google/Metabiota’s involvement in the 2012 virus hunts that found 6 men (3 who died) in a Kunming hospital with a SARS-like virus and resulted in RaTG13, the closest known relative of SARS-CoV-2. They don’t talk about how USAID’s PREDICT & PREVENT started at or that Eric Schmidt found a home for it at USDAID in 2009 where Rajiv Shah, fresh from the Gates Foundation, was in charge. They don’t talk about how Rajiv Shah is now running the Rockefeller Foundation and how Schmidt & Rockefeller are funding the COVID Commission Planning Group cover-up.
I’m just realizing all of this now! Please help get the word out. COVID was a coup, just like the Kennedy brothers’ assassinations, 9/11 & anthrax. Our country is based on lies, starting with those that justified the theft of this land from the native nations and slavery, so I guess it should be no surprise, but if people knew and understood we could all do something about it.

Thank you for everything you do!

Alexis Baden-Mayer

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