Your tax dollars at work (against you): US donating $1.2 BILLION to ensure market for Merck’s pricey alternative to Ivermectin

From Diana Cook:

Article 1 | DGHS Hatchet Chops Ivermectin Nationally While Positioning Unproven Tocilizumab Despite Success of Uttar Pradesh—How will ICMR & AIMS Weigh In? 

In India it appears that as quickly as select national health authorities included ivermectin in the national guidelines, so too, has the recommendation just as been rescinded despite what appears to be tremendous success in states such as Uttar Pradesh. 

Article 2 | After $356M in Federal Funds in Dec, Merck Secures $1.2B Federal Commitment to Buy its Experimental Drug Upon Key Milestones 

In an interesting case that has some suggesting brilliant corporate enterprising business prowess while critics suggest it is an example of crony capitalism on display… Merck has recently announced it secured a $1.2 billion public commitment for up to $1.7 million courses of its still experimental antiviral drug Molnupiravir to the United States government.  

The Federal government is funding the development of an expensive alternative to ivermectin.  They are guaranteeing 1.2 Billion dollars to fund payment for treatments.  This drug will probably receive emergency use authorization.  What do you think Merck will charge?  $4000 per treatment?  Ivermectin is only about $3 per treatment. I believe this is the reason that any news of the success of Ivermectin is being challenged.  So not only does our government fund the development of expensive pharmaceutical drugs (when cheaper, safer, more effective drugs already exist), but it also provides over a billion dollars to guarantee a market for these drugs.  Unbelievable! 

And people believe it when Merck claims that ivermectin is unproven and unsafe.  Do they know that Merck has a huge conflict of interest?!!!

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