What to do if your college/university—whether you’re a student there, or work there—has mandated COVID-19 “vaccination”

From Kathy Dopp (who offers further guidance in a brief addendum here):

This is from Sasha Grams:

Dr. Frances Boyle PhD, JD is a professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law who specializes in the Nuremberg Code and bioweapons law. He helped author an international bioweapons treaty: the Biological Weapons Anti-terrorism Act of 1989. He believes the COVID-19 vaccines are bioweapons. He has put together a notice of refusal to either receive or administer COVID-19 vaccines for people being pressured to do so by schools or employers as well as healthcare professionals who do not want to administer these injections. He recommends giving this notice to your employer or school first, then contacting a lawyer. Here is a link to his notice:

I’ve also included a handout with his notice on the front and a copy of the Nuremberg Code on the back. You could present this to an employer or school pressuring you to take a COVID-19 vaccine. You can also print a bunch of these out and leave them in coffee shops, bookstores, gas stations etc. That way you can get around the internet censorship and reach people who wouldn’t normally see this information elsewhere. I think most people who are dialed into pro-freedom alternative media platforms are already aware of this information. But those who aren’t remain oblivious to it. So that’s who we need to reach. It helps that some in the Main Stream Media (like Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham) have recently begun to explore issues with these vaccines. A big part of our problem is that most people don’t even realize they are trapped in “digital ghettoes” where their sense of reality is heavily distorted by censorship and disinformation.

If you haven’t heard of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, he is a German-American attorney with a license to practice law in both California and Germany. He is leading a group of hundreds of lawyers internationally who are working on bringing charges for crimes against humanity and Nuremberg Code violations associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, including forced business closures, fraudulent PCR tests and of course vaccine mandates and the lack of informed consent with these vaccines. This international legal effort is being dubbed “Nuremberg 2”. Here is a link to an inspiring interview Dr. Fuellmich recently gave in which he states that preliminary trials will begin within the next couple of weeks.

These trials could eventually extend to every school and employer that mandated these EUA COVID-19 vaccines. So help is on the way. If people can just avoid these injections a little while longer I think the tide is about to turn in favor of justice and humanity. Here is a link that explains how to join the Reiner Fuellmich lawsuit:

Robert Barnes is a prominent constitutional attorney who explains in detail how employers are setting themselves up for all kinds of liability and litigation by mandating these vaccines in the following video:

Here is a link to a COVID-19 vaccine refusal letter that Robert Barnes has written which you can copy and paste into your own document:

He argues that COVID-19 vaccine mandates violate not only the terms of the Emergency Use Authorization and the Americans with Disabilities Act along with other federal, state and international laws. He also states that any employer mandating these vaccines is taking on HUGE, potentially lifetime, tail liability for any adverse effects associated with these vaccines that occur even years later in the employee upon whom the vaccine was mandated. The vaccine manufacturers have liability protection for adverse effects associated with their products but employers do not have this protection. And, as Reiner Fuellmich argues, even the legal immunity enjoyed by vaccine manufacturers does not protect them from prosecution for deliberately harming people.

I hope this information is helpful to your friend and others. Sasha Grams

Also, please look for more advice on how to assert the right to informed consent here:

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